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Easter stories. Easter recipes. Easter poems. Easter articles. Remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus.
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Carve Your Name Into the Cross. Easter Poetry. Read My Words. Easter Poem. Via de Cristo. Easter Poetry. Crucified, Risen, Still Wounded. Easter Poetry. Ave Maria
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Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector, and the tune is called Innocence, it's in our Nature don't you know. This is a poem I wrote before my Fajr Prayers.
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"The Tear Drops Fell" courtesy of Songs of Praise Song by Elton Smith and Joe Medrek. There are many links on the internet, but the BEST LINK is my link to JESUS CHRIST!
Easter Poetry Project: Easter Poems - Christian Poetry Contest.
Christian Easter poems featuring the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary's cross, his burial, and resurrection, bringing us the way to eternal life.
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Who is Jesus Christ? The most important thing to know about Jesus Christ is, he is my Savior. I have faith that he is the Son of God and came to earth to die for the.
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http://anointedgifts.net Choices is an inspirational poem written by Dale Birdsong of Anointed Gifts. Times are changing and recently there have been more.
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Easter is a spring holiday celebrated by the Christians all over the world. It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. Easter is a time to re-unite.
Free Christian Easter Poem about Christ showing His love for us by dying on the cross for our sins. You can use it in a church service, or just to give out as a gift.